About Us:

In Flight Inspections is your premier team for aerial inspections of any kind.  With a fleet of drones, pilots, and top of the line equipment, we are prepared to handle both residential and commercial projects of any size. 

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OSHA/JSEA Compliant


$1MM Insurance Policy

Covered under any circumstance


FAA Approved

Part 107 Certified


Data collection to reporting done right.

All inspections include both raw data, as well as quality, in-depth reports that present findings in an organized, easy to read document.

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Cut Costs

Complete inspections at a fraction of the price of helicopters and fixed-wing vehicles. 

Why UAV Inspections?


Reduce Liability

Decrease risk by keeping personnel out of harms way.


Increase Efficiency

Gather critical data faster than ever before.

Companies We've Worked With: